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Since the inception of the MARAD Small Shipyard Grant Program, Tompkins Consulting has been helping companies gain access to shipyard grant monies.  The Tompkins team has the best overall success rate in the market.  In 2011, Tompkins was responsible for writing the winning proposal for the largest overall grant awarded ($1.2M) to any one shipyard.  In 2012, Tompkins secured the 2nd largest grant award ($1.1M).  In 2013, Tompkins secured the largest overall grant award ($1.1M) to any one shipyard.  There was not a shipyard grant program in 2014 or 2015.  In 2016, Tompkins again secured the 1st and 2nd largest overall grant award ( $786,673 and  $744,990) to any one shipyard.  Our headquarters is located directly across the street from MARAD and we provide hand delivery for all MARAD grant applications.

Tompkins Consulting is a leading Marine Engineering and Management Consulting Services firm.  As a technical service provider to shipyards all across the US, we fully understand the fine details behind the management and operations of a shipyard.  Many of our staff members have served in senior positions within the shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

Our unique location coupled with real life experience in the shipbuilding industry has led to us being the most successful shipyard grant writers in the country.  We are very proud to carry the title of #1 in shipyard grants. 


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